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I’m recording a new record at a hospice in Orlando as I spend time with my father.

I actually started the process at Florida Hospital South. I was there day and night for a week and had to do something to stay centered so I set up my pro tools rig with an apogee duet, my tiny midi keyboard and a bass and let it rip. Now I’m coming straight outa hospice,  OG death row. So far I’ve made a hypnotic massive attack-ey slow electronic track that has so much drastic panning it sounds like the noises are going straight through my brain in headphones. Very therapeutic. And a goofy car chase techno track with lots of synth counterpoint and a cool midi 909 sound that I’m so happy with.

Video for ‘The Cut’ on my homepage.

Filmed at Super Suds Laundromat in New Paltz by Love Drunk, a mobile audio/video recording project based in Omaha, NE.  They rolled in with 4 cameras and a 16 channel logic studio. My pall Shana Falana helped pull the whole aesthetic together and Alexandria Wojcik brought the hula hoop and dancers. You may recognize the song from Season 4 of Gossip Girl.

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